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Common Worship: Psalm Prayers

Posted by Mike

My MA dissertation was on the Psalm Prayers (or Psalter Collects) in Common Worship: Daily Prayer. The full title is: Bridging Prayer: A critical evaluation of the psalm prayers in Common Worship: Daily Prayer.

It explores the way these little prayers at the end of each psalm interprets the Psalms themselves.

The dissertation is primarily an attempt to critically analyse what these short prayers have to say. They are offered to us as a source for reflection and, for me, function as “bridging prayers” between ancient Israelite cult, theology and world-view and the Western Christian
interests of today. The intention herein is to ask what kinds of bridges are made (either intentionally or unintentionally). Which themes emerge time and again? What kind of Christology emerges in these Christian readings of the Psalms? Which motifs are repeatedly underplayed or even ignored entirely? How do the prayers link to the liturgical use of the Psalms in different liturgical seasons? The primary intention is to recognise what is there and to consider the picture of the Psalms that emerges when the prayers are considered as their primary interpretative key. Any points of criticism or observation of their shortcomings that emerge from this study are intended to contribute to a richer praying of the Psalms, that is,
prayer that represents a fuller range of meaning which may have been restricted by the prayers as they are.

If you're interested in reading it you'll find it here: Psalm_prayers.pdf (591 downloads)